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Conferencias y presentaciones

Conference and presentations

Nutrition, food security, and climate change nutrición among Amazon Indigenous people

Foro “El Hambre - Pobreza y Salud en población vulnerable del Perú”

Virtual, july 2022 [Clic here] 

Covi-19 Observatories in Indigenous People- Peru

Video: Presented by UPCH in the National Science Conference “Peru con Ciencia” 2021

Virtual, november 2021 [Clic here]

Creating a food photo album for use with an online dietary assessment tool (myfood24) to investigate food consumption of Shawi Indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon

Conference of the Nutritional Society - UK

Virtual, october 2021 [Clic here]

Climate change and SAN (Food availability) in the Peruvian Amazon

I Congress of Food and Nutrition Security – CISAN 2021 / Faculty of sciences and philosophy of Cayetano Heredia University, and NGO Prisma

Virtual, october 2021 [Clic here]

Adapting the online dietary assessment tool ( myfood24 ) for Indigenous communities in the peruvian amazon to research food biodiversity and climate change resilience

Society for Social Medicine Annual Conference - UK

Virtual, september 2021 [Clic here]

Indigenous food system and adaptation to climate change among the Shawi in the Peruvian Amazon

Future Adaptation Conference

Cape Town (South Africa), June 2018


Food, nutrition and health in a changing environment

Visiting professor

Department of Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University

Course SOCI 225: Medicine and Health in the Modern Society

Montreal (Canada), October 2015


Impact of HIV on Indigenous populations in the Peruvian Amazon

Visiting professor

Department of Geography, Laboratory of Health Geography, McGill University

Course GEOG 403: Global Health and Environment

Montreal (Canada), February 2014


Designing a model to determine the current and future vulnerability of climate change. Working with remote Amazonian communities in Peru

Global Development Symposium

Guelph (Canada), May 2012


Groups and behaviors with high priority of intervention: ethnicity and migration

Visiting professor

Master's Degree in Infectious Disease Control - HIV, Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine - Faculty of Medicine, Peruvian Cayetano Heredia University,

Lima (Peru), February 2011


Peruvian Indigenous Health

Science and Technology of Indigenous Peoples Seminar

Education Committee of the Congress of the Republic

Lima (Perú), November 2010


TB in Children

Course coordinator

Course for health professionals in a peri-urban area of Lima-Peru, Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine - Faculty of Medicine, Peruvian Cayetano Heredia University,

Lima (Peru), June-July 2010


Ethical considerations in HIV and syphilis research in Indigenous communities in Peru

9th Global Forum on Bioethics in Research with Indigenous Populations and Vulnerable Populations

Auckland (New Zealand), December 2008


Qualitative assessment of HIV/AIDS knowledge in an Indigenous ethnic group in the Peruvian Amazon

XVII International AIDS Conference

Mexico D. F. (Mexico), August 2008


Prevalence of HIV and syphilis in Indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon: Exploration of certain risk factors

XVII International AIDS Conference

Mexico D. F. (Mexico), August 2008


Human disease caused by Caraparu and Murutucu viruses (group C), Perú, 2003-2004

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 54th Annual Meeting

Washington D. C. (United States), 2005


Acute febrile diseases in Yurimaguas, Perú, 2000-2004

Sociedad Norteamericana de Medicina Tropical e Higiene, 53rd Annual Meeting

Miami (United States), 2004

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